Make the most of at-home learning

Megan Finnegan-Ratliff


During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools with 1:1 technology environments may not be operating normally, but they certainly are a step ahead of schools that require students to share tablets and computers. That’s because 1:1 schools allow students to take devices home, where digital classrooms can ensure that learning continues with minimal disruption.

For other schools, at-home learning may not be part of the curriculum and may not even be graded because schools can’t guarantee that all students will have access to it, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. This learning will be considered “enrichment.”

Since most states have closed schools, leaving about 43 million students at home, both schools and parents are scrambling to find ways to keep students engaged and learning, even if the learning doesn’t fall under “curriculum.”


Here are a few of my favorite resources for online learning:

Scholastic Classroom Magazine has cross-curricular online resources for grades pre-K through 9 with new content daily.

EduBlogs gives teachers advice on how to set up e-learning.

We Are Teachers provides 130+ online learning resources. lists education companies offering free subscriptions during the coronavirus school closing.

Supercharged Science has homeschool science projects that kids can do on their own.

A Year of Many Firsts blog with free teaching resources.


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