Second Life Mac Urges Schools to Explore Device Buyback Partnership to Maximize Technology Investment


As the premier Apple device buyback provider for schools across the United States, Second Life Mac (SLM) is encouraging schools to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to explore a device buyback partnership. With the recent end of US funding for COVID relief in ...

The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Devices for IT Directors


As students begin returning to in-person instruction, many experts think learning has forever been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital learning, which has been adopted to some degree by most schools, will play a greater role in engaging and instructing students in...

The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Devices for Superintendents


Digital learning is transforming education. Superintendents increasingly are pulled into digital learning initiatives to ensure strategies align with the needs of their students, and that digital efforts are properly budgeted.

Second Life Mac has produced a new eBo...

Districts Should Plan Ahead for iPad Low Supply

By Paula Currie


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for iPad and MacBook, as schools and businesses beef up their fleets to handle remote learning and working.

While the supply chain challenges of 2020 are start...

How to Leverage AppleCare+ For a Bigger Payout

By Megan Finnegan-Ratliff


Before refreshing the next fleet of Apple devices, there’s one simple thing that school districts can do to significantly increase the value of their fleet: leverage Apple Care+.

With Apple Care+, dis...

Keeping Your Schools Safe with Proper Device Hygiene

By Joseph Lee


Although the main way to transmit COVID-19 is through respiratory droplets, current evidence from the CDC suggests that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. This includes digital learning devices like iPads, Macs and ...

Worried about security? Here’s what to ask your device sellback company

By Craig Melissare


How is data erased from devices we sell back?

When selling back iPads and MacBooks, organizations want to make sure that devices are secure and that data on the devices is erased so sensitive or identifying data no longer exists on them. This inclu...

Best practices for ed tech device refreshes during Covid-19

By Paula Currie


Covid-19 threw a wrench into spring plans for most schools. From remote learning to virtual graduations, the pandemic has schools rethinking how they teach and interact with students.

Likewise, technology refreshes, which often are done at the end of the school yea...

Second Life Mac Named Finalist for EdTech Trendsetter Award


At Second Life Mac, we work hard to deliver creative solutions for schools looking to sell back used Apple devices before a technology refresh.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to be recognized as a Finalist in the 2020 EdTech Awards. Sponsored by EdTech Digest, th...

Make the most of at-home learning

By Megan Finnegan-Ratliff


During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools with 1:1 technology environments may not be operating normally, but they certainly are a step ahead of schools that require students to share tablets and computers. That’s because 1:1 schools allow students to take devices home, whe...

Do you need an RFP?

By Paula Currie


When schools and districts decide to sell back their aging edtech devices, they often issue Requests for Proposals (or RFPs) or Requests for Quotes (RFQ) to find the best buyback partner.

Is this step necessary? Can an RFP backfire?

While some school distric...

The Coronavirus and EdTech

By Paula Currie


By now everyone has heard about the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), a fast-spreading virus that has quickly fanned out from Asia to Europe and now to North America. Healthcare professionals have instructed people to take common-sense measures to avoid getting sick, including w...

When Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget Old Devices

By Matt Hannegan


I was visiting a large school in Southern California recently to discuss their upcoming Apple refresh. The IT director pointed out a few hundred devices in their tech closet that were destined for the recycling center. These devices were a combination of decommissioned iM...