The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Devices for IT Directors


As students begin returning to in-person instruction, many experts think learning has forever been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital learning, which has been adopted to some degree by most schools, will play a greater role in engaging and instructing students in the future.
This places a renewed emphasis on deploying the best tools to foster a dynamic learning environment—whether that’s in the classroom or at home.
Second Life Mac has produced a new eBook to introduce IT directors to a growing practice in digital learning: the sale of used district digital learning devices to a reputable buyback company in order to fuel sustainable digital learning programs.
The free eBook answers important questions associated with selling back devices, including:
  • How do sellbacks work?
  • What are the benefits of selling back devices?
  • Why is total cost of ownership so important?
  • How can districts get the greatest payout for their used devices?
  • How are devices graded?
  • How can districts select the best sellback partner?
Download your the free guide today.