Second Life Mac Introduces Touchless Trade-in™ to Alleviate COVID-19 Fears

April 23, 2020

SKOKIE, Ill., April 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Schools planning to refresh their technology fleet this summer now can collect devices without fear of spreading COVID-19 in the process. The Touchless Trade-in™ from Second Life Mac is an automated, touchless system that schools can use to collect used devices from students as they prepare for a fleet refresh. Click to Tweet.

Touchless Trade-in™ is a drive-through device drop-off program that enables students, parents and administrators to maintain social distancing recommendations, while also enabling schools to move forward with plans to refresh technology device fleets.

Leah Sparks is executive director of technology at Kanawha County Schools in Charleston, W.Va., and was planning to refresh about 18,000 devices this summer when COVID-19 forced the district to close for the year.

“There is much uncertainty in school districts right now, and administrators are working hard to make decisions to keep students healthy while also enabling remote learning,” said Sparks. “The Touchless Trade-in™ program from Second Life Mac removes a huge area of concern for us and we really appreciate having a partner who listened t our needs then creatively worked with us to find a solution. We can move forward with our plans to refresh our district’s technology devices, while providing a safe process to take back used devices from students.”

The program works by automatically emailing or texting students with the date, time and location of the Touchless Trade-in™ event, as well as a simple form that students complete to confirm name, grade and the unique identifier of the device they are returning. After responding, students instantly receive a confirmation message that includes a QR code and details next steps. If schools do not use asset tags, the device serial codes can be used.

“We’ve devised a system in which the QR code will be associated with the asset tag or serial number on the student’s device, which streamlines and automates the drop-off,” said Paula Currie, vice president of procurement for Second Life Mac. “The QR code allows us to verify receipt of the device without touching or handling anything from person to person.”

The day of the event, the student or a parent drives up to the Touchless Trade-in™ location and shows the QR code. The code is scanned by a Second Life Mac technician who is wearing personal protective equipment, and the device is approved to be removed from the school’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The student then drives to a specially designed drop off box and places the device in it. Once boxes are full of devices, Second Life Mac securely seals and transports them to the Second Life Mac warehouse, where devices are cleaned and sanitized, before being refurbished and sold. A complete audit report is provided to the school.

“Our goal in creating this program is to alleviate the fears that school administrators have in taking back devices that haven’t been sanitized,” said Currie. “This program eliminates the need for administrators to collect, inventory and package devices, so it reduces the risk of exposure for everyone involved.”

About Second Life Mac
Second Life Mac partners with schools and enterprises to create sustainable technology budgets by purchasing their pre-owned Apple devices. The income organizations receive for their aging devices can be used to invest in new technology. Devices are evaluated, data is securely erased to Department of Defense standards, and they are resold via wholesale and retail channels. The company is headquartered in Skokie, Ill., and has procurement professionals around the country. More information is available at or on Twitter @SecondLifeMac.

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